Bugfixes, improvements

ratings are updated every hour; if current inbox replays parse queue is longer than 100 replays, current hourly rating update is skipped, faster importing is priority

search by specific clan <dsr and by specific name "nightra (includes legacy name search) is now much faster
type ? and press enter to see full search manual

updated subsystems and modules versions (it has no visible effect, just like updating windows)

improved SEO/sitemap

thumbnails generated while sharing profiles are drastically improved:

  • compact instead of huge for most DS-related pages
  • shows icon of most played commander
  • description text changed to show rating position, and other cases like “not uploader”

share your profile link with your friends in any messenger app/service to see it!

everyone gets rating, but to participate in ratings top players list one must be an uploader and have at least one game played during last 30 days

added a lot of visual cues on players profile pages, advising them to upload if they didn’t yet

added rating information in player search results

fixed not having a safe 10 seconds window for all team members leave to not count as a leaver, thanks <DSGoku> Terrorbyte!

if you left the game, and it went on for 10+ seconds, it is counted as a leave. Game ends when last player on a team leaves.
Therefore you could never get a leave in 1v1.
Therefore if you have a premade, or playing an inhouse, once you decided to forfeit the game, just leave it together within 10 seconds window, and it will be just a loss, not a leave.

reordered player profile widgets to emphasize the rating, not the games or winrate

added “join discord” icon top-right

improved breadcrumbs on mobile

added winrates radar chart in player profile winrate widget
it shows player’s winrates on commanders/races he plays, in alphabetic order clockwise

improved visual experience when using the site, it should feel much more like native app / one-page-app

long mode names like “heroic_commaners” now do not cause horizontal scroll bar to appear on desktops

added rating history chart in player profile rating widget
it is only visible if player is an uploader
it is responsive, displayed properly on any screen size
it shows player lifetime rating changes

added “is recorder?” visual cues for games (full or empty circles to the left of the game date); people interested in this could now monitor if, for example, someone only uploads his wins, and his losses come from other’s uploads. I do not recommend doing it by the way: I’d be too lazy to do it, it would destroy my trust in my personal profile stats, and it’s possible to tell if you do it. Games get ids in order 1, 2, 3, … 500000, 500001, … It’s easy to see you have gameid100 win, gameid150 win,  gameid200 win, and then someone have uploaded your loss, and now it looks like gameid100 win, gameid150 win,  (non-recorder) gameid500 loss, gameid200 win; we don’t get any money for the rating points, just pride and respect; how much of both would be had if it’s so easy to see one has cheated? And if it will ever become an issue, I’ll implement algorithm to remove a cheater from ranked list; cheater would still be able to see his rating, just wouldn’t be able to get his rank position, just like non-uploader.

added a better frontpage; it is still a work in progress currently, but it’s much better than it was

added some of the recent DS patches to the frontpage; it is a work in progress as well

fixed mismatching leaderboard position and in-profile #rank, thanks <DSGoku> Terrorbyte!

fixed parsing brawl_commander games as just commander, thanks <Nazuna> Amemiya!

fixed parsing inbox replays order: now it’s always in order game was uploaded, even if inbox is full with thousands of replays (used to have it, lost it while implementing DS TE support, returned it now), thanks <Nazuna> Amemiya!