Download replay uploader to automatically upload your SC2DS replays to
Make sure to enable autoupload to always keep your DS profile up-to-date.

1. Extract archive to a folder where uploader will be stored, for example My Documents\StarCraft II\dsr_uploader\
2. Run upload to manually upload, to test uploading.
3. Run enable_autoupload and uploader will monitor your replays folder, upload new Direct Strike replays automatically.


This uploader is open source program written in PHP. You can view source code on github.


If you see error “PHP Warning: ‘vcruntime140.dll’ 14.0 is not compatible with this PHP build linked with 14.16” it means you are probably using Windows 7 and your system doesn’t have Visual C++ Redistributables.
Download and install it here x64 or x86.

In MacOS you’ll have to run php src/uploader.php manually from terminal.
If you are using MacOS 12+ Monterey and have no php by default, just install it using brew command: brew install php

If you need support, have questions or feedback, please join Discord.