name description
1v1 only 1v1 games
brawl_commanders only brawl_commanders games
commanders only commanders games
commanders_1v1 only commanders 1v1 games
commanders_1v1_abathur commanders 1v1 abathur
commanders_1v1_alarak commanders 1v1 alarak
commanders_1v1_artanis commanders 1v1 artanis
commanders_1v1_dehaka commanders 1v1 dehaka
commanders_1v1_fenix commanders 1v1 fenix
commanders_1v1_hanhorner commanders 1v1 hanhorner
commanders_1v1_karax commanders 1v1 karax
commanders_1v1_kerrigan commanders 1v1 kerrigan
commanders_1v1_mengsk commanders 1v1 mengsk
commanders_1v1_nova commanders 1v1 nova
commanders_1v1_raynor commanders 1v1 raynor
commanders_1v1_stetmann commanders 1v1 stetmann
commanders_1v1_stukov commanders 1v1 stukov
commanders_1v1_swann commanders 1v1 swann
commanders_1v1_tychus commanders 1v1 tychus
commanders_1v1_vorazun commanders 1v1 vorazun
commanders_1v1_zagara commanders 1v1 zagara
commanders_2v2 only commanders 2v2 games
commanders_3v3 only commanders 3v3 games
games games count
gear only gear games
level in-game level, uncapped
main_current DSR rating vCurrent
main_next DSR rating vNext candidate
main_v1 DSR rating v1
pink_color_rating example pink color rating
standard only standard games
standard_1v1 only standard 1v1 games
standard_1v1_protoss standard 1v1 protoss
standard_1v1_terran standard 1v1 terran
standard_1v1_zerg standard 1v1 zerg
standard_2v2 only standard 2v2 games
standard_3v3 only standard 3v3 games
time_played hours spent in games

ratings are calculated for every player, over every game
292370 players, 1240681 games

the ranked tables are saved and displayed only for uploaders,
who have uploaded at least one game during last 30 days
470 uploaders

main_current is used as the main DSR rating calculation algorithm

rating calculators are open source at github,
you can learn current calculators algorithms, or you could make your very own custom rating!