name description top1
1v1 only 1v1 games <DSMSTR> Edfutkina 7808
brawl_commanders only brawl_commanders games <KJF> WÖFFE 7117
commanders only commanders games <DSRTNG> TiamatDrag 10530
commanders_1v1 only commanders 1v1 games <DSMSTR> Edfutkina 8212
commanders_1v1_abathur commanders 1v1 abathur MiauuMiauu 5180
commanders_1v1_alarak commanders 1v1 alarak <DSMSTR> Edfutkina 5104
commanders_1v1_artanis commanders 1v1 artanis <KingDs> Frieza 6165
commanders_1v1_dehaka commanders 1v1 dehaka <DSRTNG> Lucik 4577
commanders_1v1_fenix commanders 1v1 fenix <KingDs> Frieza 5907
commanders_1v1_hanhorner commanders 1v1 hanhorner <DSSQRT> Thetmes 5451
commanders_1v1_karax commanders 1v1 karax <KingDs> Frieza 4645
commanders_1v1_kerrigan commanders 1v1 kerrigan <DSMSTR> Edfutkina 6313
commanders_1v1_mengsk commanders 1v1 mengsk <DSMSTR> Edfutkina 6717
commanders_1v1_nova commanders 1v1 nova <DSMSTR> Edfutkina 6411
commanders_1v1_raynor commanders 1v1 raynor <DSRTNG> GoLiathKZ 7181
commanders_1v1_stetmann commanders 1v1 stetmann <DSRTNG> TiamatDrag 7565
commanders_1v1_stukov commanders 1v1 stukov <DSRTNG> Lucik 5468
commanders_1v1_swann commanders 1v1 swann <KingDs> Frieza 3997
commanders_1v1_tychus commanders 1v1 tychus <DSMSTR> Edfutkina 6673
commanders_1v1_vorazun commanders 1v1 vorazun <KingDs> Frieza 6136
commanders_1v1_zagara commanders 1v1 zagara <KingDs> Frieza 6075
commanders_2v2 only commanders 2v2 games <DSRTNG> Dima 7831
commanders_2v2_solo solo commanders_2v2 <DSRTNG> Dima 5350
commanders_2v2_team team commanders_2v2 <DSRTNG> Dima 7809
commanders_3v3 only commanders 3v3 games <DSRTNG> TiamatDrag 10540
commanders_3v3_solo solo commanders_3v3 <TirolA> Urono 7890
commanders_3v3_team team commanders_3v3 <DSRTNG> TiamatDrag 10375
games games count <DSGoku> Kakarot 24803
gear only gear games <TirolA> Urono 8370
level in-game level, uncapped <DSGoku> Kakarot 34892
main_current DSR rating v3 (current) <DSRTNG> TiamatDrag 10668
main_v1 DSR rating v1 <DSRTNG> TiamatDrag 9430
main_v2 DSR rating v2 <DSRTNG> TiamatDrag 9352
pink_color_rating example pink color rating <DSRTNG> Dima 9851
solo solo main_current <Yepta> YWD 8445
standard only standard games <ØSgZ> Euweb 10060
standard_1v1 only standard 1v1 games <GKitty> imsux 7705
standard_1v1_protoss standard 1v1 protoss <GKitty> imsux 6991
standard_1v1_terran standard 1v1 terran <GKitty> imsux 6743
standard_1v1_zerg standard 1v1 zerg <GKitty> imsux 7211
standard_2v2 only standard 2v2 games <Yepta> YWD 6514
standard_2v2_solo solo standard_2v2 IIIIIIIIIIII 4631
standard_2v2_team team standard_2v2 <Yepta> YWD 6423
standard_3v3 only standard 3v3 games <ØSgZ> Euweb 10118
standard_3v3_solo solo standard_3v3 <Yepta> YWD 8485
standard_3v3_team team standard_3v3 <ØSgZ> Euweb 9806
switch only switch games <BiR> CaptainPiss 5756
team team main_current <DSRTNG> TiamatDrag 10396
time_played hours spent in games <DSGoku> Kakarot 6050
_dreamless_rush by MFDreamless: rush is for hotheads v1 MiauuMiauu 2915
_memoria_matchups by Memoria: per-matchup calculation v2 <FURAMA> BENDER 10582

ratings are calculated for every player, over every game
350914 players, 2084664 games

the ranked tables are saved and displayed only for uploaders,
who have uploaded at least one game during last 30 days
536 uploaders

main_current is used as the main DSR rating calculation algorithm

rating calculators are open source at github,
you can learn current calculators algorithms, or you could make your very own custom rating!