Multiple custom ratings, 1000000th game!

I am very excited to announce Ratings!

Now you can have not just one-rating-fits-all, but a lot of custom ratings.
Interested in 1v1 commanders? Sure!
3v3 standard? Here you go.
You are a weekly brawl person? Have a rating for that too.

The most important part is that now we are not confined into just one rating algorithm. For example you can see the work in progress main_next.

And the best part is that it’s open source on github now!
You can learn the actual algorithms, and you can even make your own ratings to be used on the DS Rating! How cool is that?!

Also, we are celebrating the 1000000th game uploaded to DSR!
It happened to be a one-minute 1v1 tychus vs tychus game with a leave, but anyway I would like to thank you all for having interest in DS Rating, uploading your replays, and for being a part of amazing Direct Strike community!