Fixed: unable to find SC2 folder

On some systems “My Documents” folders are located in weird places. It may be localized into your language. Maybe you have moved it manually. Maybe one of your cloud storage apps moved it away from default “C:\Users\username\Documents”.

The only way to find it (as far as I know) is to either read windows registry (would require administrative access rights, and also inconsistent with different windows versions), or use windows API / DLL calls. Both are hard to implement, would require excessive access rights, and have lots of corner cases.

But there is a simple solution. You, the user, could just help Uploader find that StarCraft II folder. It’s simple: just put uploader folder inside your “Documents/StarCraft II” folder.

For example if you know your replays are located in c:\Users\Dima\Documents\StarCraft II\Accounts\1256198\2-S2-1-8622272\Replays\Multiplayer\, put uploader folder to c:\Users\Dima\Documents\StarCraft II\

Uploader will first check, maybe it is located in StarCraft II folder and it won’t even need to try to find that SC2 folder.


Updated Uploader to v7, as usual, download it here.
If you have enabled autouploads, you obviously don’t have to do anything, it will be updated automatically.