Rating released! in-depth explained

Rating coming soon -> (2 years later) -> coming very soon -> done!

You can finally not only see your in-depth stats, but also a rating! It is based on ELO, a system used by most known associations.

Upload your replays if you haven’t done it yet https://ds-rating.com/download/ and see your real rating!


Technical details

players start with 2000 rating

it is mostly a zero-sum game: what one team wins, other team loses
(except leaves, afk, uneven player count teams, players with just 1 point of rating)

depending on your rating, you will get different amount of points for winning and losing:

  • if opponents ratings are equal, each would get or lose +50 -50 rating
  • if opponents ratings are vastly different, an unexpected winner may get up to +99 rating, an unexpected loser may lose up to -99 rating

amount of points you get or lose is directly proportional to expected chance of winning and losing
therefore since base value per game is 100, it’s easy to see how the rating system predicted your winning chances. You won and got +10 rating? It means DSR thought your winning chance was 90%. You lost -97 points? DSR thought your chance of winning was 97%.

there is a penalty for leaving and afk:

  • x3 rating loss multiplier for leaves
  • x5 rating loss for afk

it is never a pleasant experience to start a game, only to find your teammate is afk; DS afk system will wait until you lose the bunker, and only then it kicks afk player, gl hf playing this! You will probably lose this game and your rating, but the afk-person lost x5 more.
same for leaves, it is not a good experience for everybody (except tychus) to suddenly have a random wave to fight. Don’t do that. Get x3 rating loss penalty, even if your team won in the end.

if you just had to leave, it’s okay. The less rating you have, the more you get with each following victory, the less you lose when defeated. Only your real skill matters. Distance will fix everything.

if you are a premade team, and you decided to forfeit the game, but don’t want to be marked as leaver and lose extra rating, make sure you all leave game within the same 10 seconds window: a leave is not counted as a leave as long as it happened less than 10 seconds before game ended; once everyone leaves – game ends, just leave together and none of you will be leavers, just losers.

obviously it’s always safe to leave while being a last player on a team, or while playing 1v1: game instantly ends, you are never a leaver

DSR tries to be fair to everyone: premade 3man teams, 2man teams, solo playing in public lobbies, as much as it can. Currently #1 player <KJF> WAFFE is mostly playing solo 3v3 commanders (2777 games, 250-100-50 games with teammates), he is a perfect proof current rating is not rigged towards premades. I personally find premades both more reliable and enjoyable: chilling there chatting with your friends, working on your strategies and picks. Obviously playing in premades is fine as well, for example currently #5 player <DSRTNG> Lucik have most of his latest games in a premade. You may be inclined to be upset that you may win +3 per victory, but lose -97 per defeat, but it just speaks about how good you are compared to your opponents. Find stronger opponents if you want to lose less, win more. But that would obviously make your actual winning chances lower. It’s balanced.

a difference in 4000 rating means 1:10 chances to win or lose

rating are recalculated once per hour. If inbox replays to parse queue is larger than 100 replays, rating recalculation is skipped this hour, giving priority to parsing incoming replays faster. While rating is not ready, it will be displayed as ... in recent games list.

rating is recalculated from scratch each time. Therefore, even if someone has uploaded 10000 replays from the past, all of them are going to be processed in the right order. Therefore your rating may change with DSR getting additional information on your past opponents, even while you are not playing any additional games currently. This ensures rating calculation and order is always correct.

rating calculation system and algorithms may change. What will stay the same, is that you are rewarded for winning against strong opponents, you lose more for losing to weaker opponents. So just enjoy Direct Strike, be good, get high rating.

gl hf