Rating rules, ds loading screen, multiple changes

desktop menu collapsed state (top-left menu collapse button) state is now preserved when you browse the site, just have to press it once

added “have batman” easter egg, thanks to Nova

tracking “good luck”, “have fun”, “well played” and “good game” in addition to usual gl hf wp gg

added new terran-zerg-protoss thumbnails images

added more metrics to the Main page, now it is beautiful

added DSR Promoters rating to the Main page, get into there by mentioning “ds-rating.com” in allchat while playing, for example “I am top10 world https://ds-rating.com/player/1 check it out” counts too (but you better think of some better text like “woow your profile so amazing at ds-rating.com ! : )

Main page is now even faster

added clans rating to Main page

fixed visual bug: can now scroll commanders icons on Main page on mobile

lots of small Main page tweaks

improved server replays importing workflow (involves current symlinks)

added charts to patchnotes! now it shows the state of the game during patches, for example https://ds-rating.com/patch-notes/2022-11-04/

search improved! It is faster and is much better at finding people you want (increased inner subsearch limits)

search results are now ordered by rating and position for ranking participants (#rank and rating displayed), and by games played for non-uploaders

server-side database settings imporovements, improved performance a bit

improved server-side cache clearing (your profiles updated with every added game instantly, rating-related pages updated hourly, up to 12-hourly if inbox is full, prioritizing faster parsing)

rating is now updated at least twice per day, even if inbox is full

improved cache warmup algorithm (no conflicts of two different warmup processes)

improved parsing performance by distributing calculations

improved deploying process algorithm

added #conspiracy tools to monitor possible cheaters, we’ve even found some : )

chats are now counted just once per game, typing “gg” 10 times in same game will now still show +1 gg count for profile statistics

ranking rules changed: in order to get a rank, player have to be uploading his replays, have to have at least 1 game uploaded last month, and have to have >100 games.
(used to be >10 games, used to not require at least one upload last 30 days)
Now only those who are interested in getting their position, and who are providing real data for it will get it. If a player does not upload, he will see “not uploader” or “no recent uploads” in his profile, with a link “upload replays” instead of rating chart. Just upload your replays, and in about an hour (on next rating recalculation) you’ll get your proper rank.

rating calculation improved: previously it was only good for 2000+ rated players, difference of 4000 rating means 10:1 winning chances, ratings could go up to 8k+. But when below 2k, there is not so much space to fall, players were hitting 1rating too fast. In order to not change rating bases, to not affect higher rated players, and to not having to resort to decimal rating changes like +0.3 (we are not in a math class here!), DSR now compresses rating below2000 tenfold. It means there is now virtually 20000 points to lose below 2000.
It means that if player was supposed to lose 59 points, he will just lose 5 when sub2k. Same for the gains, if you were supposed to get 60 points, you get 6. It’s tenfold compressed, more space to match real difference in skill sub2k.
Additionally, if both teams are sub2k, the 10:1 winning chance expectancy changes to 400 rating difference, not 4000. It means that 1000-rated team winning 1800-rated team will get not +5(50) points like it would before, but it will get +9(90) points because they have managed to beat a team so much higher rated than themselves.
Once again, this does not affect you if you are 2000+ rated.

we got metioned on the Direct Strike loading screen, thank you Tya!

we also hit 750 000+ games in the DSR database!

our discord is also very lively now!